They usually do not maintain contact with the customers after the sale is finalized. On the other hand, account managers do not have contact with customers until a deal is closed. Once a sale is made, the account manager focuses on maintaining the client relationship. Although Sales Manager job both account executives and account managers play important roles in the sales team, it is important to compare account executive vs account manager to understand how the roles differ. Account managers and account executives differ mostly based on responsibility and focus.

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Ex-SAP Account Manager Wins Unfair Dismissal Suit.

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If your account manager has a quota on his head, it’s harder to trust that upsell recommendations or suggestions for new projects are in the client’s interest. Pipeline CRM helps you visualize and understand your sales pipeline in order to grow your business. You can securely and efficiently view, share, and collaborate on sales pipeline data with external collaborators outside the company.

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They play a prominent role in the business process to enhance business prospects with the best clients with long-term engagement. A key account manager should have regular communication with all the internal teams to make sure the client’s requirements are fulfilled and to continue an interdependent partnership a clear code is essential. In other terms, an account manager should also take the role of a client success manager in building the client success roadmap. The online store on the other hand reaches a far wider customer audience. The online shop owner equips the shop and supports the customer with all possible facilities.

That being said, both teams need to be hyper-aligned if you want to get the most out of your broader sales efforts. SDRs, BDRs, and sales reps must understand your organization’s ideal buyer persona and consistently spot good-fit opportunities. Both jobs require you to meet with potential clients and persuade them to buy a product or service. They also have to manage accounts by following up with clients, sending out invoices, and collecting payments.

  • The salesperson briefs the account manager on goals and other pertinent information, but then they’re off to generate more new business.
  • Beyond that, account managers don’t often get deeply involved in customers’ day-to-day experiences or in understanding their needs or goals with the product.
  • Most firms and companies divide their sales staff into many tiers based on their abilities, experience, and, most significantly, designations.
  • It rests on how your sales team defines what makes a lead “sales qualified.”

Furthermore, these professionals set targets for the company’s sales representatives. These are the primary decision-makers for any corporation’s sales department. To get here, you need to be dedicated & hard working, whilst also being sales-driven. Maintaining and growing your relationships with clients is another feat.

What does an Account Manager do?

There is also supervising representatives to make sure sales are increasing and preparing reports on accounts. The benefits of efficient key account management are not limited to any of these points. It offers surprising advantages with a comprehensive account management strategy. Companies can use this to reap greater profitability and gain exponential growth with steady revenue.

sales manager vs account manager

Account managers and salespeople work together closely, but the two jobs are very different. The distinction between these roles can get blurry, so I’m answering all your questions about account managers, salespeople, how the two teams should work together, and where they differ below. Let your customer success team build long-term relationships without the pressure of wondering if the customer will upgrade or not. Without the additional pressure, they are better able to help your customers achieve success. When it’s the right time, your account management team can enter in to handle renewals, upselling, and expansion, without the pressure of building long-term rapport and relationships.

Account Manager Skills

Easily keep on top of all your customer relationships with Pipeline CRM. Explore the complete guide to Cross-selling and Up-selling to identify unexplored opportunities for your business as well as your clients’ business and grow better in 2021. While they want to expand the customer, it is mostly in service of the company’s bottom line. Customer success focuses heavily on understanding the customers and their needs, all from the customer perspective. They want to grow the customer because it will ultimately be the best outcome for the customer.

Mouse over a state to see the number of active sales account manager jobs in each state. The darker areas on the map show where sales account managers earn the highest salaries across all 50 states. An account manager is exclusively designated to handle and maintain the most precious clients. They strive to manage valuable accounts and build and keep sustainable relationships with clients. Also, the account manager has to take the responsibility to mitigate the challenges, solve the problems and find new opportunities to enhance client relationships. But, it is not their job to deal with the problem encountered by the clients or their business operations.

sales manager vs account manager

As an employer, your sales team should have skills in all three disciplines. They are competitive and love the challenge of reaching sales targets and competing with other salespeople. Additionally, you need a unique selling proposition to formulate a better account management model. Companies may tend to follow a common business proposition, but with a unique business proposition, you can position yourself far higher than your competition in the long run. FlexJobs is a subscription service for job seekersthat features flexible and remote jobs. With an A+ rating from theBetter Business Bureau, the monthly subscription costs allow us to fully vet and verify all of thejobs on our site—ensuring that customers have a safe and positive job searching experience.

Career Paths

As customers take on roles other than only buyers, marketing can change from outbound to inbound marketing, sales can partly be done by inside sales, and both can be automated. ‍When the relationship grows into an operational level with mutual communication and frequent interaction about business cooperation, you can fine-tune your strategies. And that fine-tuning should please the customers to stick a little longer. The national average salary for an account manager is $56,596, per Glassdoor. Depending on your years of experience, the size of the company, and the industry, pay can go up to $93,000/year. In this article, we will take a look at sales titles and their corresponding job descriptions.

sales manager vs account manager

You cannot afford to make anyone an account manager, they should possess some sort of account management skills. The client who has been with you for years would be a coveted lead for your competitors. Hence, the chance to lose them is high and it completely relies on how good your customer account management strategy is. To see which organizations are hiring right now, check out the FlexJobs database of current account management jobs.

Apart from knowing how to delight your clients, you need to be familiar with appropriate software used for specific processes, understand how sales metrics work, and you can’t crack under pressure. Customer requirements change, as do their need for your products and services, so account managers need to justify why they should be suppliers. A part of that is innovation and providing different or better products and services.

The end goal of both key account management teams and sales teams is increasing revenue, but they use vastly different paths to get there. As long as the needs of customers are addressed and solutions are provided to their issues, the role can be performed by any capable person. Having the right tools matters a lot too – with proper tools, even the smallest sales team can combine its collective knowledge and punch well above its weight, and bring delight to their customers.

Sales reps might perform some additional qualification in certain circumstances, but their primary objective is to close deals. Sales reps are also responsible for demonstrating the product, handling prospect objections, and drafting contracts. BDRs are typically responsible for prospecting cold leads, whereas SDRs focus on qualifying warm ones — so BDRs handle the outbound side of business development, and SDRs account for its inbound element. It’s easy to conflate business development representatives with sales development representatives , and that’s fair. The positions are fundamentally similar — to the point that some companies don’t even distinguish between the two.

Churn-focused vs. expansion-focused customer success — best for companies without account management structures. The modern buyer wants to be understood before connecting with a sales org — so naturally, your organization needs to take the proper strides to develop that kind of understanding. Having a dedicated business development infrastructure helps you get there. In this digital age of 2023, customers are looking for the perfect digital customer experience.

Skills an Account Manager Needs for Success

Any loss of these accounts would create a significant risk to the company’s revenue and profitability. The account manager’s prime responsibility is strengthening the loyalty of customers and protecting the business against attacks from competitors. The sales executive is the person that you will be looking for if you need to buy something.

Strategic Account Management vs Account Management

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