We developed a complete solution that organizes and automates the onboarding process by using image recognition of drivers’ IDs and analyzing companies’ track records, drivers’ licenses, and delivery histories. Fleet data visualization for Fortune 500 client One of the world’s largest OEMs in Germany was exploring the potential of IoT technologies in light commercial vehicle fleets. Intellias engineers implemented native iOS and Android apps for an intelligent vehicle monitoring system and provided a UI/UX design for comprehensive dashboards that empower data visualization and custom rendering. The solution is already implemented and optimizes the work of over 1000 fleet vehicles.

  • To meet the ever-increasing needs of our customers, our team members are constantly exploring and implementing new technologies.
  • Relevant Software established a smooth process using agile methodology, while their responsiveness and personable approach contributed to the positive experience.
  • UNO can trace the distribution of free drugs and identify inefficiency and losses using TraceRx.
  • Scalability to meet the increasing demand as your company grows.
  • App type, complexity of requirements, and vendor’s location are among key factors that determine costs of software programming services.
  • The platform uses predictive analytics based on various internal and external factors and determines more real-time ETA.
  • Before we even kicked off the project, we would go into a lot of detail.

The process of making a product, managing inventory, transporting to various places, and the like requires accurate information and data for a smooth flow. We certainly help you make your business processes automated through our bespoke supply chain management software. We recommend paying attention to some trusted resources like Clutch, Good Firms, or Capterra that have a lot of software development company listings. There, you can search for a needed type of service or solution using various filters. We also offer our professional logistics software development services and a free 30-minute consulting related to your IT project. There are infinite benefits of having a customized logistics software solution for your business.

Offer Business Insights

Also, we use SonarQube, code reviews, and cross-reviews to detect and fix bugs on time. Robotic process automation We implement RPA to help companies automate processes and focus on core business. Cloud solutions We have extensive expertise in cloud computing projects for all business sectors.

This complex software allows logistics businesses to get insights into fuel consumption, vehicle and road conditions, and driver behavior patterns. A digital transport management solution uses key performance indicators , such as cost per mile, cost per shipping unit and delivery performance, to control service quality, analyze statistics and generate reports. Among the most influential technology trends are Big Data analytics, Internet of Things, cloud logistics, augmented reality, low-cost sensor solutions, robotics and automation, artificial intelligence, and self-driving vehicles. The flexibility of such platforms allows developers to create both logistics software for small businesses, as well as large enterprise logistics software to handle complex transport networks.

End-to-end development

Timely updates and improvements keep you ahead of any would-be competitors. New and unique software to outpace and outrank other companies. Everything you need to improve your supply chain, logistics, and transportation business. We can build a comprehensive system for tracking suppliers and customers alongside reporting various insights to help your company manage supply costs.

logistics software development

Our team is well-versed in AIS software, such as QuickBooks, Sage, and SAP. With our logistics software development, we have integrated AIS software with ERP and smart business intelligence applications for startups and enterprises. Adoption of logistics software streamlines operations and eliminates process headaches.

Our Transportation & Logistics Software Development Services

Still, it’s impossible to define the right tech stack and cost for your project without strict requirements. End-to-end software development, including Discovery Phase, creating bespoke UI/UX designs and prototypes, Delivery and post-production support. The transportation management system is much effective software for the transportation sector. Knowledge about decentralized supply chain networks permits us to enhance the existing workflows, achieve transparency, mitigate fraud, and improve customer experience. The second step in developing logistics software is choosing a deployment strategy.

We develop RPA bots for financial companies to take over the labor-intensive financial processes and enhance the productivity of employees. We create end-to-end solutions to simplify your processes and minimize operational hurdles. Get technical advice on how to turn your innovative ideas into efficient products that will keep your business on top of the ever-changing global market and in line with the latest trends.

Regional Logistics Manager (Sales)

Our product design and implementation strategy helps customers build transportation management apps from scratch, covering UI/UX design, architecture, and end-to-end transportation software development. Paving the way to your customers with transportation software solutions isn’t always straightforward. You may spend months guessing what’s lacking in your delivery services, logistics software solutions, ordering workflow, and integrations with your clients’ businesses — or where on earth your lost packages go. As a logistics software development company, we can help you by creating transport logistics software that aligns your services with customers’ expectations. Our logistics custom software development services include telematics software solutions that can improve your vehicle’s traffic management and efficiency. The custom telematics and transport logistics software optimizes the traffic flow based on current transport infrastructure, hence, you are always updated with real time traffic insights on your desired route.

Microsoft (MSFT) Supply Chain Center to Tackle Server Lead Time – Nasdaq

Microsoft (MSFT) Supply Chain Center to Tackle Server Lead Time.

Posted: Tue, 15 Nov 2022 15:05:00 GMT [source]

Organizations that invested in logistics management software saw significant improvements in process, operations, and delivery. As mentioned above, the ultimate cost of developing a logistics software relies on various factors. However, usually, the average cost of logistics software and mobile app development ranges between $70,000 to $500,000. It is crucial to set up and manage strong connectivity between your business infrastructure and fleet and transport management software systems. Our innovative IoT solutions consist of 5G capabilities, IoT sensors, digital twin technology and more so you don’t miss on any information. This built-from-scratch, Web-based logistics management software connects shippers and transportation companies.

Power up logistic software tools with ERP integration as you can track attendance, present status , and availability of drivers and deliverymen across the logistic network. We offer multi-tier technical support options and maintenance services. You might require some if you need continuous support for the deployed software, some additional features, version upgrade, or other. Feel free to consult us for more detailed consulting on software support options. Logistics is a complex industry that needs a serious approach to planning, executing, testing, and implementing industry-specific software.

Last-mile delivery

They did very excellent job and completed the project in defined timeline. Our experience was positive so definitely we will work together again. Change your present warehouse software with the most contemporary solution provided by Prismetric. We can integrate your software with our supply chain management to make it more efficient.

Open architecture design, so it would be easy to implement new features and adopt new technologies. Reduced expenses are possible due to the automation of numerous processes and the elimination of human error. A TMS system brings benefits to shippers, carriers, warehouses, manufacturers, e-Commerce companies and many more users. Eventually, the system can greatly contribute to the creation of a seamless global trade network.

logistics software development

What’s more, it may become useful for your own project as we’ve covered multiple must-have features your app should have and lots of challenges you can avoid even before the bus ticket reservation software development process. Optimize fuel consumption, fleet’s time-to-service frequency, maintenance timelines, staff time allocation, vehicle loss, and car accident prevention with automated transportation solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with your existing systems or help with new custom software development. Advanced technology Cutting-edge software can remove unnecessary daily tasks and operational risks that weigh your company down. We use our AI, machine learning, and big data capabilities to offer non-trivial solutions to your business.

Custom Enterprise Logistics Solutions

Our custom logistics data analytics software services offer consistent supply chain visibility, risk management, interactive dashboard, and market predictions. We build AI-enabled warehouse management applications that help logistics tracking software in better inventory management and improve transparency. We provide custom logistics app development for logistics on web and mobile platforms for better user engagement, custom reporting and real-time data interaction. Through our unique custom software solutions, businesses which operate within the logistics industry are able to accurately and effectively track assets and freight shipments.

We build and integrate supply chain management software , last mile delivery solutions, warehouse management systems, transportation and fleet management solutions. Besides, we have expertise in blockchain, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and robotic process automation to deliver the next-generation applications for logistics. INTECH delivers a wide range of supply chain management software solutions aimed at increasing profits, optimizing procurement management, enhancing process transparency, and saving time and resources for our clients. INTECH team has deep expertise in building procurement management systems that allow tracking customers and suppliers, managing sales and logistics, and generating reports which display the details of business process operation. Fierce competition in the logistics sector leaves few chances for companies without a data-driven mindset.

We start cooperation with in-depth business analysis to discover the most pressing technical issues, gaps and challenges your business faces. Based on the finding, we will propose to you the most suitable solution. We assist you in assembling an agile team of developers, strategists, and project managers centered on the expertise you seek. This article will attempt to explain everything you need to know about the logistics of software development.

Our goal is to create transportation and logistics solutions that meet the exact business challenges you face with urban infrastructure, fleet efficiency, and traffic management. Only those logistics and transportation companies that start adopting a forward-looking approach to transportation app software development today will gain success in the future. In a few years, nearly every transportation, logistics, and mobility company will leverage technology to meet their business needs. Starting https://globalcloudteam.com/ to build your transportation management software development strategy earlier is your way to get ahead of the fierce competition. Custom transportation management application development helps you integrate divided and fragmented supply chain processes, enabling fleet managers to put a huge amount of data under the microscope. Custom transportation management software adds security and efficiency to your supply chains, and most importantly, it gives you the leading edge among competitors.

Drivers, carriers, managers and customers can access information on freight traffic, customs clearance, documents, automobile conditions, metrics, accidents, delays, etc. We can handle the migration if you already use transportation and logistics software. We’ll import your logistics software’s client database and any accounting information; you can start working immediately without operation interruptions. Relevant ensures a smooth, seamless transition with no effort on your end.

Warehouse Management

Our customized software solutions for logistics include asset tracking, GPS monitoring, warehouse and supply change management, inventory management, route planning system, parcel audit software, and CRM. In other words, with customized components, we make our logistic software a one-stop solution to all your needs. As a trusted logistics and transport software development company, we follow internal IP protection policies and strict NDAs to avoid any potential data leaks.

A short comparison of Angular vs React helps make a bigger picture… Supplier management – organize and track interactions with vendors and suppliers. This custom CRM significantly automates laundry order processing, including order pickup scheduling, price calculation, payments, and more. Cross-platform development Addressing several platforms with the same codebase. App Modernization Updating, restructuring and rebuilding software.

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